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Monthly Archives: November 2010

28 weeks

Third trimester, here we come. 12 weeks to go!


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vet’s day getaway

Back from a quick vacation in Santa Cruz over the long holiday weekend. Nice to get away whenever we can before the baby boy comes along. 🙂 Fresh air, food, and relaxation – and we’ll pretend that I didn’t do any schoolwork at the same time.

empty rideboardwalk shutdown during the holiday

fusilliRistorante Avanti – yum.

colorslots of art shops in SC

Also finally got a chance to take some pictures of mom-to-be! But I’ll leave that as a tease for my next post…

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honoring our vets

Happy Veteran’s Day, folks. A special thanks to those who sacrificed to stand in our stead in both peace and conflict! Prayers for those who are still serving now…

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the cold has arrived

It took a while this year, but the cold has finally arrived in the bay area. Woke up to a brisk 38ºF according to the tv weatherman. As much as I enjoy the holiday season, I can’t help but walk around thinking of warmer times and places…

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yes, i’m still alive

As the post title says, I’m here – I’m alive. Just now coming up to breathe after diving deep into the abyss the past couple of months. Why? School, life, some work-related changes…but regardless, I’m back! And I promise you’ll be hearing much more from me. On a positive note, I was surprised to hear from several of you that you *gasp* missed me. You really, really missed me!!! 😉

where have I been?where have I been?

Seriously, though, it’s awful flattering that some of you have been loyally following me and noticed my departure over the last couple of months. Glad you’ve enjoyed hearing and seeing from me – so I’m committed to bringing you more in response. Let’s stay together! (Al Green anyone? Ok, I promise to stop now.)

Annnnnnd to kick things off, I’m announcing today a nice little holiday treat for those of you proactive enough to grab it! I won’t spill all the details here on the blog, but how about a few key words: FREE PRODUCTS. Ok, so maybe that was just two words. Anyway, here’s what you need to do to get in on this:

  1. See that little bar at the top of the blog that has “about, archives, links, contact, subscribe”? Good. You passed the eye exam!
  2. Click on “contact” and be patient for a second or two (some browsers are worse than others).
  3. Fill out the form (all fields) and in the Message section, write: “I want free stuff!” along with any other little message you’d like to send me.
  4. Click “submit”.
  5. Wait with a deep, deep hunger for free stuff to come rolling in. Thumb twiddling in the meantime can be quite thrilling, from what I’ve heard. Anyway, I’ll email you details on how you can collect.
  6. Here’s some other ideas to help you pass the time: If you haven’t already – also hit “subscribe” up top and follow me on Google Reader or whatever your favorite RSS aggregator may be. “Like” this post on facebook, and/or become a fan on my nascent fb page. Recommend me or this blog to a friend, family member, or favorite pet. Stay beautiful.

More to come folks!

p.s. being local is preferable for this, but not 100% mandatory 🙂
p.p.s. limited quantities. act fast! offer void where prohibited. so on and so forth.

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