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Monthly Archives: November 2011

tam fam – 2011

Ah, the Tam family. Dear friends and faithful blog readers! Seriously, though, I guarantee Joe will be one of the first and few to be reading this post, and it’s not simply because it’s about him :). I’ve been blessed to have them as my first repeat clients (well, technically) and they are such a breeze to work with. Little K has grown so much in a year (I hear kids tend to do that). I can totally understand now just how precious and valuable it is to get regular family portraits. You can’t freeze time and memories are so hazy – pictures are just the best thing to fight the unstoppable march of time. It was my pleasure to help capture family memories to look back on in the future. Speaking of which, where’s my camera?? Ben’s 30 minutes older than when I sat down to write this and I don’t want to miss it! haha

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