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Had a great time out with the Tam family last week! Little Kaylee was a total champ out in the cold and even gave us a smile a couple of times 🙂 This gal is so content – hot, cold, walking around, sitting down…whatever, it’s all good.

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tam teaser

Been super busy, but wanted to tease a fun shot from my session with the Tam fam real quick for the blogosphere!

three personalities on display
3 personalities on display

more to come soon!

28 weeks

Third trimester, here we come. 12 weeks to go!


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vet’s day getaway

Back from a quick vacation in Santa Cruz over the long holiday weekend. Nice to get away whenever we can before the baby boy comes along. 🙂 Fresh air, food, and relaxation – and we’ll pretend that I didn’t do any schoolwork at the same time.

empty ride
boardwalk shutdown during the holiday

Ristorante Avanti – yum.

lots of art shops in SC

Also finally got a chance to take some pictures of mom-to-be! But I’ll leave that as a tease for my next post…

honoring our vets

Happy Veteran’s Day, folks. A special thanks to those who sacrificed to stand in our stead in both peace and conflict! Prayers for those who are still serving now…